Impact Protection Slabs

impact protection slabs

Impact Protection Slabs – Highest safety standards for more than 40 years!

EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slabs guarantee the highest safety standard on playgrounds – for the past 40 years. They allow children to romp about happily, without risk of injury. EUROFLEX offer effective protection when children jump or fall to
the ground by attenuating the impact and therefore reducing the risk of injury.

EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slabs SBR & edge and corner profiles

The shock absorption provides safety without sacrificing problem-free use and durability. Unharmed by weathering and extreme temperatures, they let children play without care – day in and day out. The product is TÜV approved according to DIN EN 1177:2008 (2018). Edge and corner profiles significantly improve safety around surfacing systems by reducing the danger of stumbling. Another important benefit: they allow access to wheelchairs and pushchairs.

impact protection slabs

EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slabs with letters, numbers, and motifs

The EUROFLEX® Letter and Number Slabs are ideal for designing playgrounds in schools, kindergartens and day care facilities and provide educational enhancement for all play and sports areas, as well as amusement parks. EUROFLEX® design slabs – alone or in combination with letter and number slabs – provide exciting design options. Areas with themes like an e.g. zoo, star or sea can be created.

impact protection slabs